…so you can break through your revenue goals with more fun, ease, and flow 

(Let's be real, you’ve tried all the social media strategies and you know there’s something simple you’re missing. We’ll show you what that thing is.)

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…so you can break through $30k months with more fun, ease, and flow 

(Let's be real, you’ve tried all the social media strategies and you know there’s something simple you’re missing. We’ll show you what that thing is.)


Social media content marketing generates THREE TIMES as many prospects (and is 62% cheaper) than traditional, old school forms of prospecting and marketing.

Even crazier? Companies that engage in social selling get 119% better ROI than those that don’t. 🤯 

Most importantly, social media is free. Social media the best way to attract new clients, but you probably aren’t maximizing its potential.

Ouch. Between the number of platforms, the best practices for each, when to post, what to post, what size image or video to post, how to add captions, what to write, what hashtags to use…

It’s all so overwhelming.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and don’t forget your blog and podcast. (Wait- do you have a blog and podcast?)

Do you use a business page or personal profile? Business account? Premium profile? Do you need to be doing TikTok dance videos? How many followers do you want?

Have you picked your perfect platform and purchased a DIY course? Watched webinars and incorporated best tips? Hired an agency but haven’t seen any uptick in traffic, leads, or new business? Updated your profiles and wished your connections a happy birthday? 🤯 

How can you even keep up?
Nobody has time for all of that, and yet, somehow, some people are making 7-figures (and more) using social media.

But HOW?
Why isn't it working for you?
It's that ONE thing. You know it's missing, but you don't know what it is.

And there are tons of people offering you "the fix." A new program, a new strategy, a new tutorial, a new hire... There's excitement in those investments, but they don't actually move the needle.

The ugly truth? Most people spend far more time on social media trying to figure it out than they do actually getting new business.

You’re smart, right? You’re accomplished. Social media can’t be that hard, and if anyone can figure it out, why can't you?

Bad news: If you keep thinking like that, you’re never going to break through.

Let’s change that with a back-pocket strategy no one else is using.

You can have your dream social media presence, the kind that generates not just new business, but also new opportunities (like podcast interviews and summit invitations). Where your social content not only elevates your influence and grows your authority, it also seems to magically attract new business your way.
Imagine hopping on a sales call and hearing someone say, “I love how you show up on social and I just had to connect with you.”

Imagine being able to generate new business at will.

Imagine not having to worry about generating leads, ever.

It’s all possible with the 
7-Figure Content Blueprint

We're talking:

  • Which social platforms you really need (and which you don’t)⁣.
  • How to nail your pitch so that people not only know know what you do, they know how to refer you to anyone who needs you.
  • How to differentiate yourself and your brand in a super-crowded online marketplace
  • ​Smart methods for skyrocketing your Know, Like, and Trust factor so that your prospective clients are comfortable not only reaching out, but also hiring you, quickly.
  • ​How to speak about your offer in a way that intrigues and magnetizes your dream clients⁣.
  • ​What kinds of stories and content you need to share to attract your ideal clients.
  • Best practices for individual social media platforms.
  • ​Identifying weak spots in your existing social media.
  • ​...And anything else you may need for your custom lead-generating content strategy.
Best of all, we include a roadmap and support so you can iterate as you grow, so you can actually grow your business reliably, by being yourself.⁣
In other words, together, we’ll create a custom blueprint for organic lead generation for your business, so you can call in your ideal clients easily, without having to hire an agency or spend all your time on outreach. 🤩⁣

I’ve invested over $100k in Sascha and her team’s strategies, what she does is that effective. -Randy S

You might be the right fit for the 7-Figure Blueprint if...⁣

  • You close your business via sales calls.
  • You have a proven offer⁣ (high ticket or high lifetime value is best).
  • ​You already create one form of content online (written, video, or audio).

What else should you have in place?

  • You’re already successful in business and want more.
  • You’re decisive, confident, and execute effectively⁣.
  • You’re on a personal mission to make the world a better place.

If this sounds like you, I’ll take you from the hamster wheel of social media to generating new business and opportunities via social, quickly.⁣

Who this is not for:

  • Entrepreneurs who aren’t already creating one form of content
  • Business owners without execution skills
  • Anyone trying to DIY themselves into oblivion
  • ​People afraid of investing in themselves
  • ​MLM’ers (unless you’re a top producer)
  • Jerks, buttheads, or anyone without a sense of humor. 
The 7-Figure Content Blueprint is only for good people doing good things in the world- who are having fun while they do it.

Sascha was instrumental in helping our first video go viral. She consulted with us on creative strategies and language to get our emails opened by the media which got our video featured on CBS evening News, Time, and The Today's Show website. Her incisive tactics and approach helped us gain tens of thousands of followers and our video seen by moms around the world. We piggybacked on those strategies and our second video reached 7 million views. Grateful to have worked with such a smart, resourceful, and creative woman. -Masha S 

How does it work?

With the 7-Figure Content Blueprint, I help entrepreneurs create their lead generating content strategy so they can attract organic leads and opportunities to their business without hustle or strain. I do this by diving into the unique magic created by the combination of you, your offer, and your ideal client. Then, you follow a proven roadmap where you execute, optimize, and scale.

Essentially, I help you magnetize your ideal clients via social media. Unlike a social media team… I do it with a lead generation framework. What does that mean? I'm not driving vanity metrics like likes and followers. I'm driving more calls to your business.

Good news. You can hop off the hamster wheel of trying to do it yourself. You don’t have to hire a social media team or a digital agency and waste time trial-and-erroring your way to the right hashtags or aesthetic, and, best of all, you can stop trying to figure out what to post or blog to convert new business. 

Take a deep breath. I've got you covered.

If you have a vision of scaling a successful product or service-based business- without hustling or grinding, this is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not a good writer?

That’s fine. You just need to be able to create content in one way. Do you prefer video? Do you record a podcast? The way you create content doesn’t matter, as long as you’re creating it somehow. The 7-Figure Content Blueprint maps out the rest- using your unique brand voice.

How is this different from hiring a social media agency?

Most social media agencies don’t have a background in lead generation. The 7-Figure Content Blueprint uses social media as a vehicle for lead generation, and it isn’t limited to just social media. The Blueprint covers lead generation, and features social media as a part of it. 

I don’t have a lot of ideas.

You don’t have to have a lot of ideas. You just need to show up to the strategy session and discuss your business. The 7-Figure Content Blueprint is built for busy people. It's one call, then ongoing support with one on one access to allow for the quickest progress.

I don’t have time to create it all.

If you can show up to the call, and you have time to continue creating content the way you already have so far, then the 7-Figure Content Blueprint will take care of the rest. This is about optimizing your content and social media, so you're spending less time doing "all the things."

Do I have to do DM's?

This is not a DM outreach strategy. This isn't an outreach strategy at all. This is about attracting your dream clients into your inbox and onto your sales calendar. No joining groups, adding friends, or sending cold DM's. Who has time for all that?

What do I get?

Um, besides your life changed? A 90-minute strategy session, 3x monthly live support Zoom calls, ongoing Voxer support, and access to the private Facebook community. This is a 1:1 hybrid program.

How does the pricing compare to hiring an agency?

Great social agencies charge a minimum of $1500/mo for a maximum of three platforms. If you want additional support, you’ll pay $3000-$7000/month. If you were to hire an agency to handle your social needs (often limited to three platforms), you can expect to pay $18,000- $72,000 annually, and that’s without any expertise in lead generation. Your accounts would grow in size, but account size has no bearing on new sales. The 7-Figure Content Blueprint is a smaller investment than any of these mentioned options- with the focus on lead generation and not vanity metrics.

Will it work for me?

The 7-Figure Content Blueprint works for coaches, consultants, high ticket entrepreneurs, and service providers. As long as you're willing to show up, follow instructions, and get a little uncomfortable as you grow, you'll make progress.

Can I bring my business partner?

You can bring your business partner or assistant with you to the call and into the group. We're not a fan of DIY and this is built for teams to execute.

What if I don’t need more sales right now?

Most of our clients are financially secure. The 7-Figure Content Blueprint isn’t just about increasing revenue, it’s about making your web presence and social content processes sustainable. Regardless of what’s happening in your life or in the world, the Blueprint empowers you to have great content, helping you grow your audience, build connections, and attract your dream clients your way. Whenever you are ready to launch, sell, or scale, your audience will be ready.

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About US

Jonathan and Sascha Schlossberg are lifelong creative entrepreneurs who met as actors in Hollywood. Seen on film and television shows such as Gray’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Entourage, and Jerry Maguire, they met, married and dove into the world of digital marketing. 

Besides running our company, we have four children ranging from 4 months to six years old.

After leaving Los Angeles for the family-friendly neighborhoods of Phoenix, they worked remotely with dozens of clients, finding the common thread for successful lead generation. 

We spent years helping a million-dollar entrepreneur create his cross-platform lead generating content strategies.

He’d make a deal with a company. We’d look at the product and the ideal client, then we’d reverse engineer an entire lead-generating content strategy to attract and close the perfect clients.

I’m talking blog articles, lead magnets, social strategy, everything.

...And it works.

Not long ago, two years into starting my own SEO + Facebook ads agency, Guud Marketing, I (Sascha here!) realized there are entrepreneurs who need our unique process, so we packaged it up and created our own offer.

Presenting... The 7-Figure Content Blueprint.

Nowadays, we share our knowledge in their 7-Figure Content Blueprint, where we work with brilliant entrepreneurs to generate revenue via social strategies. 

Here’s how it works for you:

You and I deep dive on a one-on-one break through session, then we work together via live Zoom group support sessions, our private Facebook community, and Voxer as you implement your personalized strategies and generate revenue.

It’s best for an established entrepreneur or visionary with an offer (high ticket is best), who closes sales via phone calls, who already creates content in one way (video, audio, or written), and who loves investing in themselves. Your growth awaits you.

Here’s what happens if you don’t book a call:

  • You’ll continue trying new things, because you think this one next thing will make the big difference. (It won’t.)
  • You’ll try to revise your copy, to create your pillars or buckets (for the love of cheese whiz, you're a person - collapsing your qualities for social will not work), or to find the right scheduling software (seriously, why?) or tracking metrics.
  • You’ll continue not getting the leads you want.
  • ​You’ll never create a sustainable, easy, lead-generating social presence. (There’s no other program like this in existence.)
  • ​You’ll continue wasting time on social media, when you could have spent the time with me to create something you can hand off to your assistant to execute. ... Something that's generating leads, building culture and community, and representing your brand.

When we ask our clients about life prior to working with usit’s always the same story.

I tried paper, print, different modalities...

 I still was not seeing the quality of leads that I was hoping for. We were getting leads coming in, but they would be from the wrong area, or they would say that they weren’t ready yet, they were just browsing. The leads that I was paying for were poor quality and I didn’t know how to improve it.
- Ashley, Franchise Gym Owner

I had tried a lot of social media marketing on my own.

...Now that I know my business is profitable, it allows me to be a better mom to my kids, and to have really the best of both worlds. I'm able to be a stay at home mom when I need to, for my children. But I'm also able to be a professional. And I really feel like I finally have everything that I wanted when I decided to become a dentist. 
- Dr Amanda, Orthodontic Consultant

I was struggling to find my place and platform on social media.

I knew I couldn't do it alone. Sascha really took the time to listen, strategize and with savvy proficiency, helped identify my authentic voice on social media. I've seen a huge impact on my business as my audience grew. I trust Jonathan & Sascha wholeheartedly with our partnership to continue growing my business.
-Thomas Slonaker, House of Slonaker
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